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"The Third Rail" by onCUE Chronicles is a journey to freedom. It follows the story of an anxious human focused on the future who takes a mythical trip to his ancestral past, inspiring him to find peace in the present.

The project is inspired by a collage of Afro-Usonian (Black) and Afro-Latin (Brown) migration stories to the United States. As I remember my ancestors' and elders' journeys to this country I am filled with electric energy like a train connected to its third rail. "Connection" is the key. When I am out of resources it is my ability to connect that fuels me.

"The Third Rail" is also inspired by the oppressive cultures and systems that have sought to disconnect me so that I might rely on my own strength; inevitably slowing down my progress towards freedom. In response I reflect upon my lineage and remember that those before me faced the same spirits behind these systems. Many chose love, joy, and peace in response and I will choose the same. For these are the only characteristics I know that will lead me to where I want myself, and humanity, to go.

Director: Quilan "Cue" Arnold

Performers/Dancers/Choreographers: Manuela Agudelo, Quilan "Cue" Arnold, J. Bouey, Laura Espitia, Alex Mata, and Courtney Ross

Venue: New Jersey City University

Lighting: Anna Carhart

Costumes: Hunter College Dance Department

Stage Management: Rebecca Escobedo

"The Third Rail" by onCUE Chronicles (Evening Length)

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