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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

who is oncue chronicles for?

onCUE Chronicles has two primary demographics: movement practitioners and performance enthusiasts. The Searching for a True Move approach is for movement practitioners who desire to become more vulnerable in their non-verbal expression. The Kinesthetic Stories and Education components are for audience members who desire to be entertained, inspired, and challenged. 


What is an onCue card?

An onCUE Card is a physical card needed to enter Searching for a True Move workshops. 


How Does oncue cards work?

You can purchase an onCUE Card here, online, or in person before a Searching for a True Move workshop. Your card will be marked each time you enter a workshop. After your first mark the timer for your card to expire will be tracked (1 week or 2 weeks). Once that timer is up your card expires and you'll need to purchase a new one.

The primary purpose for this system is to build community through consistent member attendance. 


How frequent are searching for a true move workshops?

Searching for a True Move workshop series will be provided during certain months of the year. During those months, 3 hour workshops will be held 2 times per week with a 2 hour session after the last workshop of the week. This means if you purchase a 1 week class card, you can receive 8 hours of training for $80; which is $10/hour. 

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