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onCUE Chronicles at Alvin Ailey


Intro from CEO, Quilan Arnold





About onCUE Chronicles

About onCUE Chronicles

“We’re grappling with a problem that constantly emerges in history. You have a few people who are crusaders in the right direction (and) a few people who are crusaders in the wrong direction. The vast majority are out there in the middle somewhere… (being) passive adherence to the status quo. I think the job for the creative minority is to work on this large group towards the legitimate and just demands of the (oppressed).” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1963). 

60 years later Dr. King Jr.'s words hold true.  onCUE Chronicles is a kinetic storytelling company committed to shifting the "vast majority" towards social justice through art and education. The onCUE Chronicles commitment manifests in 3 specific ways...




"Grandbuelo's Quarter" by onCUE Chronicles