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The spirit of Jaq (inspired by a groove derived from House culture) has entered the earth through 7 living vessels to reveal itself to humanity. These 7 entities are unique parts of Jaq: Knowledge, Insight, Novelty, Grace, Deference, Others-Centered, and Much. They have worked harmoniously together for 49 years creating, developing, and sustaining “Club Kingdom,” a House-culture institution that conjures the full essence of Jaq– love and liberation– so that all may share in its glory. During preparation for their 50th anniversary event they are bombarded with the information that a new virus has come upon the land, forcing a ban on in-person gatherings that threatens extinction upon their party and their business. Innovating their business during a bio-pandemic provides unforeseen tensions amongst the 7; threatening the existence of the spirit that brought them together.

Performers: Andrea Orta, Angelica Monteiro, Ava Tran, Ese Ehioghae, Karina Enriquez, Lauren Akard, Lexi Nelson, Sabrina Blackwelder
Director: Quilan 'Cue' Arnold
Production Artistic Director: EG Gionfriddo
Script Writers: Kyrsten Arnold & Quilan 'Cue' Arnold
Sound Producer: Tony 'Ynot' Denaro
Costume Designer: Aaron Kubacak
Scenic Designer: Tere Guerrero
Stage Manager: Victoria Salazar
Visual Artist: Dadrian Starks
Sound Manager: Elias Merlo
Lighting Designer: Sarah Elliot
Choreographer: Quilan 'Cue' Arnold
Venue: Iden B. Payne Theatre; University of Texas- Austin

"Club KINGDOM" by onCUE Chronicles

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